Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feast of St. Stephen.....December 26

Called the Proto-Martyr because he was the first
to meet death by his steadfast preaching
of the truths of Christ's mission,
he must have been eloquent indeed,
since his hearers,
looking upon him,
thought they saw the face of an angel.
But he infuriated some of the people who stoned him for blasphemy.
His dying prayer obtained the conversion of St. Paul.
Saint Stephen, pray for us


Unknown said...

Holy Martyr pray for us!
If Saint Stephen is considered the male protomartyr, the female protomartyr is Saint Thecla.

Mary Lou said...

Isn't the picture of St Stephen beautiful. Serenity! Holding the stones that would kill him!

Gardenia said...

I did not know that about St. Stephen's connection to St. Paul's conversation. thanks for the lesson today. off to have some pizza and salad !

Brian said...



Micki said...

Meldelen - I think I'll have to read about St. Thecla....I had a nun in first grade named Sr. Thecla, I'd forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder.

Mary Lou - It's always a great reminder how the artists tried to show what caused the martyrdom of so many different saints....sometimes in a too gruesome way.

Gardenia - Thanks to so many commenters I learn too. Thanks for pointing that out.

Brian - Welcome...I think you are a new commenter. Thanks.

Fr. Larry said...

I always find it interesting that the Day after Christ's birth we celebrate the death of the First Martyr. Could it be that the reason why Jesus was born was to die? (as Archbishop Fulton Sheen has said). So we too are called to die to self and to live for Christ

Micki said...

Fr. Larry - Hope your Christmas was holy and happy. Yes, I agree with you. Haven't we been trying to "die to self and live for Christ" since our first practicing of Lenten "sufferings"? Something we struggle with all our lives. I do anyway.