Thursday, December 24, 2009

Greet Our King.....December 24

Let us walk with our angel
to Bethlehem to
greet our new born

Today you will know that the Lord is
coming to save us, and in the
morning you will see
His glory.


Anonymous said...

I have been a great fan of Hummels since first interduced to me by a nun I had in high school. I have a few. When Babies came into my life (I have 2 adopted children) it was the Hummel pictures of the Gardian Angels(there are 2 a boy and a girl) that I chose to hang on the wall of their rooms.

Mary Lou said...

Micki, you have given my Advent a new meaning. What a glorious awakening! Thank you and God bless you!

Micki said...

Anonymous - Oh, I agree with you absolutely. I've had Hummels (a few) and one in particular that I bought for my "baby" with money given from grandparents. He almost died at birth, I had to come home without him, but we were blessed with a complete healing and I bet Sr. Berta Hummel was praying for him too.

Mary Lou - Thank you for your comment. I think I was "awakened" this year also.

Anne said...

Merry Christmas Micki! Thanks for all that you do! Your blog is always a treat!