Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trust........................October 29

"Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to God's love and the future to God's providence."

St. Augustine


Anonymous said...


Beautiful! Does the card open? It looks like a flap that opens up. I never seen one like that before.


Anonymous said...

oops! *I've* never seen one like that before.

I should have checked it before posting.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! Thankyou for sharing this is Thursday which is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament so what a perfect holy card.

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

What is the translation of the reading on the card????

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card!! Thanks for sharing. JMJ~Lisa S

Gardenia said...

love this card. never saw one open up before.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Beautiful Micki, Thank You

Micki said...

Stephanie - I call these "booklet" cards and I do have many. I've only posted about 8 in the past two years but I'm happy to know you like them. Thank you.

Diane - Thank you...I didn't know about Thursdays devoted to the Blessed Sacrament. I love that thought.

Anonymous - I don't have an answer beause John will not be around for awhile. I'm sure he will help out again when it's possible.

Lisa S. - Thank you for your encouragement.

Gardenia - I guess that would be encouragement to me to post more in the future. Thanks.

Ed - Hi dear friend. I loved your message about the Pope praying for Mary to appear and help out...a wonerful image of her love.

Anonymous said...


This is an imperfect translation of the French words on the card:

[Beneath the picture:]
"The Little Golden Door {of the tabernacle}"
"O sole Friend of my soul! Answer me ... comfort me ... for I have no other friend than Thee."

[The poem on the left (with apologies that it does not rhyme and is not very elegant):]
"When fatigue weighs me down,
I go there to seek repose.
Through His helpful Presence,
He alleviates all my burdens.
O you, whose soul is weary,
Unwell in mind and tired in heart,
Go to the GOLDEN DOOR,
Where your God extends His arms to you.

"On unpleasant days, when storms
Rumble around my poor heart,
When satan in his rage
Comes to attack me with fury,
I run away, confident though tearful,
To avoid the enemy ...
I run towards the GOLDEN DOOR
Where my best Friend awaits me.

"If some error or some fall occurs
And covers my face with blushing,
To the One Whom nothing repels
Will I entrust my pain.
Although assured of forgiveness,
My soul has a need to weep, so
I lay siege to the GOLDEN DOOR
And bury my repentance there."

(Micki, I'm not sure if you realize that you used this card on July 21, although without the "booklet" poem.)