Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Lady of the Rosary...............October 7


"I am probably not getting anything
out of the rosary
I am not putting anything
into it."

Brother Juniper
(A. Goukassian)

Friends - I'll be gone
for the next 3 days.
Please continue to leave comments. I will be unable to respond now but I'll catch up when we return.
Love to all.


Anonymous said...

There are some lovely Rosary's on Youtube, if you need someone to pray with or some nice meditaions.

Anonymous said...

To diddleymaz, how does one get to Youtube to find someone to pray with???

Thank You,
anonymous of Ca.

Anne said...

Love the quote!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if anon misunderstands me, if like me you find it hard to concentrate on a whole rosary sequence alone there are some lovely pre-recorded rosarys on Youtube.
Its nice to have another voice to join in with and some of the images and sounds are very good quality.

Mary Lou said...

To anonymous of California,
you can go to or if you want to look for another site just search- you tube pray the rosary - and a number of sites will come up. Hope that helps. ML

Michele said...

To Anonymous
You cna also get rosary cd. I sit in the quiet awith my beads and say the rosary along. At the end is The Divine Mercy chaplet.