Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dwelling place of the Holy Trinity.........October 28

"Mary is the glory of Virgins,
the joy of Mothers,
the bulwark of the Faithful,
and the crown of the Church.
She is the model of the true Faith,
the seat of Piety,
the robe of Virtue,
and the dwelling place of the Holy Trinity."

St. Proclus


Anonymous said...

To think that we have a Mother in Heaven who is all in this quote of the day and more - and that She will loves us and will come to our help whenever we call upon Her!

One of my favourite books is "The imitation of Mary" by Alexander de Rouville. I wish everyone who loves Mary would read it.


Micki said...

Ceci - Thank you for your book recommendation....I will definitely check into the book.