Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With All My Heart, Easter Wednesday 26th

With all My Heart,
With all My Heart,
I love you.

"How sweet the words of truth breathed from the lips of love."
James Beattle


Prayerflowers said...

With all my Heart
I love You Jesus

Thank You Micki for bring this beautiful card into my heart...

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful and we love Him with all our hearts!!


Ed said...

Dear Jesus I offer all my prayers today for all the intentions of your most Sacred Heart, and for all the offenses that will be commited this day agains't your most Sacred Heart.

he gently calls us said...

What a beautiful portrayal of the Sacred Heart. I've never seen this one. The quotation is also very poetic and inspiring.

Thank you for these lovely treasures for every day.
Kay (Waving "hello" to Prayerflowers, D.S., and Ed)

jo marie said...

Hello Micki,
This comment is on the wrong picture but I wanted you to see it. The Risen Christ that was posted on Easter is going up in my classroom tomorrow for part of our Religion lesson. Many thanks for the beautiful pictores....I don't know where you find them all.

Micki said...

Prayerflowers - My joy to share...just happy you enjoy.

D.S. - I so agree with you.

Ed - It always breaks my heart to think about offenses against HIM.

Kay - I'm so glad we share in these "lovely treasures."

Jo Marie - Thank you for posting a comment. I'm always delighted to meet new viewers. Thank you for sharing with your inspire children is such a blessing...thank you for what you do.

Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase 100 of these holy cards. Do you know where I could find them offered for sale?

Thank you,

Micki said...

Elizabeth - Sorry to say that I have no idea where this card might be available for sale. Actually I'd think it was a card from the 1950s and not available any longer. Sorry about that.
Blessings to you.