Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carry Our Cross, Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

"Let us carry our crosses with love;
let us see
that they do not become a burden to others,
but let us help others carry theirs."

Saint John Bosco


Anonymous said...

What a tender portrayal--I just love this holycard and notice the scapular the sheep is wearing--so very Carmelite! That is wonderful quote from St. John Bosco! Thankyou Micki!!!

Sheep 1 said...

This is a really beautiful card and a really beautiful meditation.

Thank you Micki.
He Gently Calls Us

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful card, Micki; and this is the first time I've seen the cross bourne by the lamb as well as Jesus. Thank you.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Micki said...

Anonymous - Thank you for your visit. I thought the scapular was an unusual addition..appropriate though.

Kay - As always, thanks.

Lynneda - Hi, always great to see your name here. Thanks for your loyalty.