Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Will Live for Jesus, Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

O my dying Saviour! You have said: "Greater love no one has than he, who gives his life for his own;" grant that my love belong to only You. What must I think of the world and its vanities when I behold You, its Creator, dying, poor, forsaken and bleeding upon the Cross? O Jesus, I will live for You, die for You and be Yours now and forever.

(not a holy card but a wonderful book
plate picture)


Esther said...

Congrats on your nomination for a Catholic Blog Award Micki!

Anonymous said...

Jesus on the Cross always saddens but fascinates me, Micki, and this is a most unusual portrayal. I'll be very interested to read what John makes of this for us.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Kay said...

What an awesome image Micki. Thanks again!
This is always the first site I come to when I turn on the computer each day. There is always a thought-provoking image and some words for reflection, something we sometimes don't do enough of in this busy world.
He Gently Calls Us

Micki said...

Esther - Thank you but I know nothing about this. How did you learn of this? Thanks for telling me though.

Lynneda - John doesn't have anything here to translate though :-)

Kay - And guess who is my first spot to always check out. duh...YOURS. Your holy cards are wonderful and I know many enjoy your efforts.

Easter A. said...

Hello dearest Micki,
Thank you for sharing this with us. It is interesting to see bowls that hold the blood flowing from Jesus' crucified hands, a wonderful portrayal of "saving blood" that saves us all from sin.

Thank you Micki!

Micki said...

Easter - There you go again with such wonderful imagery...bowls of saving blood. Wow! Thank you.