Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

Jesus arrives in Jerusalem with palms at his feet.
He knows what is coming.
Can we make these last few days of Lent special?
Can we really be with Him in the days ahead?

(not a holy card but a wonderful bookplate picture)


Sheep 1 said...

Well, this is too funny. I think it is the first time that we've posted the same image on the same day:-)
Isn't it a wonderful image? You can feel the excitement of Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. But the joy is dampened by the realization of what happens later in the week. I know it has a happy ultimate ending but what tragedy and unexpressible horror and we contributed to it.

He Gently Calls Us

Anonymous said...

Another of these fabulous, packed etchings you possess, Micki. And what courage Jesus had, to ride steadily forth as He did, knowing what He was heading into. That's surely something for us to remember in times of trouble and uncertainty. Thank You.
Best Regards, Lynneda

StBlog said...

Micki - may you and all your visitors have a blessed and fruitful Holy Week. Thank you so much for sticking with this blog. Your beautiful images provide consolation, encouragement, joy, and even inspiration!
+JMJ+ John

Micki said...

Kay - Yes, this is truly "funny."
Nice to be on the same wave length though.

Lynneda - I often wonder if we would really like to know what lies ahead for us......I don't think so....too much time to worry I'm afraid.

Stblog John - How wonderful to see you hear again. I hope all is going much better for you. I laughed at your line about "consolation, encouragement, joy, and even inspiration!" You are feeling "feisty" today huh?

Cassie said...

I saw your comment on Kay's site that you had posted the same picture. I love the lines you have accompanied the image with. Those questions will be food for thought as we head into Holy Week. Blessings!

Easter A. said...

A Blessed Holy Week to you, dearest Micki!

I love this! I think I will print it for my little ones to color. We had a wonderful Palm Sunday celebration with our Bishop celebrating Mass at our cathedral. This picture will be a good reminder to the children of the significance of yesterday's Liturgy.

Thank you, dear Micki!


Anonymous said...

Did everyone notice the "modern" Christian Palm Sunday procession in the background of the picture?

Micki said...

Cassie - Thank you for your comment. I do hope you find the cards "food for thought." I love what you are doing with your blog also. Keep it up.

Easter - I love the idea of the children coloring this picture. What joy it brings me to know the cards are teaching the little ones. Great idea.

John - Are you familiar with the game "I Spy?" You do see things and I appreciate your pointing them out. I did see it but didn't think about it being a "modern" Way of the Cross.