Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Lady of Madagascar, Easter Tuesday 25th

O Mother of love,
you have given me your Heart.
Now take firm possession of my heart
and offer it completely
to the pure love and sole glory
of your beloved Son .

St. John Eudes

Madagascar is an island located in the western Indian Ocean. Madagascar lies about 425 km (266 miles) off the east coast of Southern Africa. Specifically, Madagascar is located east of Mozambique, across the Mozambique Channel.


Anonymous said...


The Servant of God, Pope John Paul II, made a pastoral journey to Madagascar (and other nearby nations) in 1989. He beatified Blessed Victoria, a native of the island nation, which was a French colony until 1960.

Micki, the title of your card, "Notre Dame de Madagascar," is appropriate. In the capital city (Antananarivo), the cathedral is dedicated to Mary, the Immaculate Conception.


he gently calls us said...

What a beautiful card! Happy Easter Tuesday everyone!

Easter A. said...

Hello dearest Micki,
I come to visit you once again and your now-growing family, and together as one Body in Christ, savor the beauty God himself has embed in yet another Holy Card.

Today, I am inspired to offer a prayer for you, for your loving tenacity in bringing to our hearts everyday inspiration and joy.

Mary, our sweetest Mother, the Immaculate Conception and Queen of Heaven and Earth, we bring to you our loving sister, Micki, whose heart you hold so dear. Present her to your resurrected Son, Jesus Christ, that the gifts that come with Easter may become hers. Bless her and her family abundantly. We pray that your holy angels guard and protect them always. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

John, thank you.

We all love you, Micki!

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Micki -- The prayer you quoted today from St. John Eudes is exceedingly beautiful.

Are we not so very blessed to have each other on this blog? Let us continue to pray that the springtime in the Church continues to unfold and blossom as we enter into times of such uncertainty and seeming danger in the world. Luckily Our Mother Mary has her loving arms around us and Jesus in the end will Triumph!


Micki said...

John - How absolutely fascinating to read your input John. As always, thanks.

Kay - Unusual art I think. Thanks. Blessings to you for the 48 days of Easter left to celebrate.

Easter - Your prayers are so appreciated and inspiring. I am so glad you use God's gift to you by sharing with us. Keep it up...we need it.

Jackie - Glory to God!

D.S. - Are we not blessed that we have such a God to place our worries with. As He said "Be Not Afraid."

Alexandra said...

Neat...I like this one.

Miguel José Ernst-Sandoval said...

I like this one very much. Shows the universalism of the Faith.