Friday, March 28, 2008

God Answers Prayers, Easter Friday 28th

God answers all prayers.

You get what you ask for, or What you should have asked for!


Anonymous said...

I am always happy when I find a Frenchman who held onto the faith, instead of falling for the atheism/secularism of the Revolution. In this case, the painter Jean-Francois (John Francis) Millet gave us the masterpiece from which your line drawing was taken, Micki.

The painting is called, "The Angelus." Here is a reproduction.


Easter A. said...

Yes, God answers prayers, all of them, and in different ways. Our God is simply wonderful, not boring, but creative and full of surprises! Thank you, dearest Micki!

I checked that painting. That is beautiful! Thanks, John!

Micki said...

John - Yes, I love it, a religious Frenchman! :-)
I looked at the painting. I wonder if computering was used to make this black and white depiction that I have??? Interesting.

Easter - I was worried that some might think their prayer was not answered yet they got "troubles" and that's what was meant for them. I think what the saying means is that if a particular prayer is not answered and troubles come, what was given was patience or love or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Micki, I don't know a way of determining whether your card was done by computer or by a human.

I just came across the following about the painting:
"Commissioned by a wealthy American ... and completed during the summer of 1857, Millet added a steeple and changed the initial title of the work, 'Prayer for the Potato Crop,' to, 'The Angelus,' when the purchaser failed to take possession in 1859."


Micki said...

John - What an unusual piece of information. I wonder if the family through all the generations following knew of the loss of this outstanding piece of art. I love the "new" name oh so much more!

Ebeth said...


We have the Angelus in the dinning room. It's a childhood memory for me as it was in my grandparents' home and I always loved it. We took a vacation to LBJ's ranch in west Texas one year and toured his history. The picture was in his birth home and I couldn't remember the name of the painting. The tour guide looked it up in their archives while we finished the bus tour and sent the information to us. Oh, I was so happy to get it and order the reprint and have it framed!

Thanks for your lovely ministry!!!

Hugs and love!

Micki said...

Ebeth - What a beautiful history of this picture and how you found it through your grandparents home. I can just imagine how special it is in your own home now.
Thanks for sharing your personal story regarding this picture. I think it's just precious. I love the history from John (above) about how it was painted and the person never took it. What a loss for them.