Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*Pray...............April 14

"Talk to Him, soon as you open your eyes,
Thank Him for every new day,
Tell Him you love Him, throughout every hour,
Don't be too busy to pray......."


French Translation:
"The Eucharist is the Heart of a God who is watchful. It is our strength. It is our joy. It is our salvation."


Anonymous said...


Here is a translation of the card's French text:

"The Eucharist is the Heart of a God who is watchful. It is our strength. It is our joy. It is our salvation."

The words are attributed to "Mgr. de la Bouillerie." I was able to find the following information about him:

"In 1852, Monsignor François-Alexandre Roullet de La Bouillerie, then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Paris, created an association for nocturnal adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. He also wrote a book, "Meditations on the Eucharist," which had its last edition (the 65th) in 1926, prior to being re-printed in our own time. Born in 1810, he was appointed as Bishop of Carcassone in 1855 and as Coadjutor Archbishop of Bordeaux in 1872. He was present at the First Vatican Council (1870) and died at age 72 in 1882."


Anonymous said...

Thank you John! You are a blessing and I pray you had a wonderful Easter!

Micki, Happy, Happy Belated birthday!
You may not be the Easter Bunny but you are a wonderful treat! :)

Happy Late Easter!(Our computer is down!)
Much love,
Ally:)(Love, Love, Love the Card on Easter!)

Prayerflowers said...

Dearest Micki,
Beautiful card and prayerful thought, nice reminder that we need to look up to Him first thing in the morning.
John...thank you and bless you for the great information makes me want to find those books. God bless you for taking the time.
Micki, precious I guess I missed your birthday...Happy Birthday precious
Love & Hugs,

Joanne C. said...

Micki -- Oh, I believe I need to check into your Blog EVERY day -- for my "Spiritual B-12 Shot" -- this is just how I feel in the mornings -- "looking up" for all the blessings (and challenges to grow) I'll receive during the day. Remembering, "....there is nothing He and I cannot do TOGETHER...." (highly paraphrased -- smile!) Thanks to John for his WONDERFUL theological explanations as well -- know you appreciate it too. And, a Happy Birthday from me also -- as I didn't know you just had one -- Love From Your Friend From Younger Days -- Who is Still Proud to Call You and Mike a Friend in The "Older Days," Joanne

Micki said...

John - Thank you for all this extra information. Just wonderful!

Ally - Thank you. I have to laugh when I read your "wonderful treat".....I hope I was chocolate coated :-)

Joanne - Love your "younger/older" comparison. Where have 40 some odd years gone? Unbelievable!
I do hope you also add your wisdom to any of the cards that you feel something could be added to. I know you are a "learned bible studier" and I'm just a picture collector but I'd love for any additional words. Thank you always.

Micki said...

Prayerflowers - Thank you for your bd wishes! I enjoyed the reminder to "talk to Him as soon as I open my eyes". That will be my new goal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who addressed words to me! John