Saturday, April 11, 2009

*Fourteenth Station of the Cross.....April 11

Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

He who came into the world poor and lowly,
and had not even a place where to rest His Head,
could not be buried in His own grave,
because He was not of this world.

We have joined you, O Jesus, on the Way of the Cross.
The hours of suffering are over, "It is finished."
From the hill of the Skull we move to the garden of burial.

When I receive Thee into my heart in Holy Communion,
O Jesus,
make it a fit abiding place for thy adorable Body.

Many of the words used in these past 14 posts have been taken
from other sources.
THE WAY OF THE CROSS - used at St. Peter's Church, Ft. Wayne, IN
A SHORT WAY OF THE CROSS - used by The Franciscan Fathers on their Missions



Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this beautiful series, Micki. You went to a lot of trouble to share the pictures and especially the texts.
A blessed Holy Saturday to you and all your visitors.

Prayerflowers said...

Good Morning Sweet Micki,
This is card and the prayers are beautiful. I join John in thanking you for this awesome series and prayers. And in his wish for you and all a Blessed Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.
Love & bunny hugs to you...sending my guardian angel to give you a big bunny hug!

Anonymous said...

...Thank You...Thank You...Thank You...Micki for sharing your Stations of the Cross holy cards and texts. You are such a kind person to spend all the time it takes to put it all together for others to see and enjoy. May you, your family and friends all experience a blessed Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday! "Peace & Joy", ~Freda~

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for sharing the beautiful Stations of the Cross, Micki. I wish you a most Blessed and Happy Easter!

Diane S.

aspiring... said...

The peace and joy of our Lord be with you through you in you each of you now and forever, I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen. Happy happy Easter! +