Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009..........November 26

"The greater the gifts, the greater our debt, and the more we need to have a carefully tallied receipt."

St. Gregory

"Let us be thankful for the very fact that we are chosen: chosen to exist, chosen to be baptized, chosen to know Christ in our lives. Why should God have chosen us? The less able we are to answer that question the more able we are to live a profoundly joyful thanksgiving."

Father Richard Veras,
(contributor to MAGNIFICAT)

The Cicely Mary Barker Collection


Anonymous said...

Precious card for today. Thanks Micki!

Diane S.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Micki, and to your family, and to all those who meet here to pray, an assembly from all corners of God's creation. And at the center of this gathering is your presentation, Micki, of our Lord. I ask for God's blessing for all.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see this picture, very English, the children are going to Harvest festival. Happy Thanksgiving to all in USA

Anonymous said...

Micki, I am Thankful for the gift of this site, that you so kindly provide inspiration to visitors each day! I love the card and text that you posted today. I love the work of Cecily Mary Barker, it is so personal and touching! A few years ago, there was a book with her illustrations about Christmas, I wish I bought it when I saw it at Borders, now I can't find it or remember the title.

I would like to wish you and all of your visitors a Blessed Thanksgiving Day! May we all continue to have GRATEFUL hearts for the many blessings that we receive each day. God is GOOD indeed. I pray that we all remember in a "SPECIAL WAY" our brothers and sisters who are alone, forgotten, hungry etc. and ask the Lords blessings to be upon them.

John K.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving~Lots to be Thankful for everyday!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Holy card~JMJ~Lisa S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Micki said...

Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE

I just got home from a wonderful gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, celebrations, and laughter. I thank you all for your blessings and wishes for a day of praise for Him and His gifts to us all. I do consider you one of the best gifts I was given. Thank you and I hope you continue to stop by and check out the cards and inspirational words of those who came before us.