Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Run to Mary..............November 24

"Let us run to Mary,
and, as her little children,
cast ourselves into her arms
with a perfect confidence."

Saint Francis de Sales


Anonymous said...

This is just such a beautiful card, Micki! The colors are so beautiful! Thankyou!

Diane S>

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Micki! Thank you so much. I love the quote from St. Francis~JMJ~Lisa S.

Anonymous said...

I find myself in that crowd around Mary so often. Thank God for her, and thank God for you, Micki, that you share such beautiful treasures with us. Please, could I offer the website www.comepraytherosary.org
I find it so helpful and your followers might as well. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A lovely card! Thank you Micki. May Our Lady always keep you and your family under Her mantle.


Micki said...

Diane - I think all the children are like a box of crayons also, all different yet all for the same purpose, to love God.

Lisa S. - Some of these quotes were so perfect for some of the cards. Thanks.

Anonymous - A wonderful way to pray the rosary on the internet. I added it to my side-bar Links. Thanks.

Ceci - Thank you for that blessing and please, there is room for you there too :-)

Anonymous said...

I have this picture from a calendar I bought years ago. It is painted by a group of religious in Canada. All of their paintings are breathtaking! Thank God for the gift that He has given them to paint the beauty that speaks to the soul. I love the commet by "anonymous,' "I find myself in that crowd around Mary so often." That is simply a beautiful image to contemplate. Each of us are most fortunate to have been given such a Wonderful Mother in Heaven to intercede for us! It is my prayer each day that she will gently hold my hand, never letting go of it until I have safely reached the port of Heaven, their to Praise her Divine Son Jesus!!

Thank you Micki for your kind words and prayers, they are most appreciated and helpful. John K.

Micki said...

John K. - Yes, the same religious organization that made the calendar had a shop in Quebec. We spent some time in their store and I was able to find this in a holy card. I love the colors and all the nationalities of the different children.

I will also pray that she holds all our hands. We certainly are blessed with her love also.

Anonymous said...


The Latin words in Our Lady's halo mean, "Mother of All Nations [or Peoples]."