Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christ the King..........November 22

"The Lord is our King," says Isaiah."It is He who will save us."
At the feet of Jesus, the Latin words mean "KING OF KINGS"
Under the papal tiara and keys, it appears to say "THROUGH THE ROCK"Michael on the right has a banner that says "WHO (IS) AS/LIKE GOD"
Angel on left has "GABRIEL" in his halo. His book appears to say "THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS LIKE..."
His banner freely translated, "whose reign will have no end."



Anonymous said...

Its all backwards Micki.

Anonymous said...

The image is inverted, please correct it. Thank you very much.

Micki said...

I sure wish I knew how it got inverted. Hope this looks better.

Meldelen said...

Today is also the feastday of Saint Caecilia, virgin and martyr, patron saint of sacred music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Micki, its a lovely old card and a great feast and a wonderful saints day.

Anonymous said...

Possibly Satan is trying to stop you (and he flipped it). Don't underestimate him!

Anonymous said...

You have a holy card of St. Cecilia to offer us?

Anonymous said...

This is a very beautifully detailed card indeed! Thank you for sharing this "gem" with the rest of us to enjoy and comtemplate the majesty of Jesus! John K.

Micki said...

Meldelen - Yes, that's the problem when the saints feast falls on a Sunday. I'll give some information below.

diddleymaz - Your welcome. Yes, those "old" cards are always special to me.

Anonymous - Too truthful to be funny. Ole Lucifer could be up to his tricks...glad we could foil him this time...praise the Lord.

Anonymous - Here is the address of last year's post about St. Cecilia. Copy it into your address bar.

I'll have to post this to see if it works, if it doesn't I'll post again.

John K. - Thank you John. You always have special words to add..."the majesty of Jesus" it.