Saturday, November 21, 2009

Presentation of Mary in the Temple.....November 21

O Mary,
your Heart was a burning vessel
of God's love.
Fill my heart with love
for God and let me
thank Him every day for
His great love in sending
His only Son
to obtain my salvation.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Micki, for this beautiful portrayal of Mary's Presentation.

Diane S.

Gardenia said...

beautiful. holy.

Prayerflowers said...

Hi Sweet Micki,
That prayer is ever so beautiful. And so is the card...I love our Sweet Mother so much! Thank you for sharing...miss you. Hope you are doing well.

SANDY said...

Just love this blog.Beautiful cards,just lifts my mind and heart.Thank you for sharing these..

Kelly said...

Hi Micki, I sent you an email about St. Ursula. If you didn't get it, my address is sjoa_0521 at

Micki said...

Diane S. - A beautiful day for us all.

Gardenia - I agree.

Prayerflowers - He MA...I miss you too. Hope things are better. May God give you strength and special graces to bear with all. Love you.

Sandy - Thank you and I'm glad you joined in with comments. All is my pleasure.

Kelly - I sent you two holycards to check out of St. Ursula. Sorry I didn't have a big selection.

diddleymaz said...

Hope you will share St ursula with us all soon Micki!
Wonderful feast of Mary, thank you for lovely image.

Adrienne said...

Pierced paper (or paper lace) My favorite!!

Anonymous said...


This is a translation of the card's French words:

"THE PRESENTATION OF MARY AT THE TEMPLE. Mary heard the voice of her Well-Beloved. She understood that He wanted her for Himself and, obedient to His voice, she came to dedicate herself to Him without reserve."