Friday, November 6, 2009

Grandparents of Jesus..........November 6

St. Anne (St. Ann) and St. Joachim,
parents of Mary,
Grandparents of Jesus,
pray for all parents
that they may provide the loving home
and faithful teaching
that you provided your daughter.



Meldelen said...

Saint Ann is my patron saint, as my first name is Ana. Wonderful holycard! They seem really and natural people, without idealising!

Lisa said...

Ah! (gasp!) I love, love, love this holy card! St. Anne and St. Joachim are very special to us -- and I've never seen one like this. So touching!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful holy card. Reminder of how human they were. Beautiful !!!!


Anonymous said...

One of the wonderful things that will happen in Heaven is that reunion with our forebears, and meeting the saints, Sts Anne and Joachim were truly special to have been the parents of Our Lady and yet they are seen by us "through a glass darkley" but then we shall know in full. Pray for us holy Saints and guide all parents and grandparents.

lavatea said...

St. Anne is also my patron saint. I asked her (and others) to pray for me when longing for another child. Glory to God and thanks to St. Anne I am due with our third child this coming April! What a beautiful holy card.

Michele said...

What a wonderful holy card it is just beautiful. Micki I am going to make a copy of this to put in my Legion file.
thank you

Micki said...

Thank you to all for your comments. So glad several of you are named for dear St. Anne.

I recently was privileged to go to the Basilica of St. Anne in Quebec, Canada. That is where I found this holy card.

The reason I love the card is the love that is shown between Mary and her father. It reminds me of the love relationship she must have now with her heavenly father.

Lola said...

We had a visit to St. Anne de Beauparie two May's ago. Shared with a set of tickets to the World Hockey Championship.

My dh reflected that the trip to the basilica was the best part of the trip.

This picture took my breath away when we saw it in the chapel.

Thank you for the beautiful surprise!

Micki said...

Thank you LOLA for sharing a word about your visit to St. Anne de Beauprie. We were amazed and blessed to have been able to see it also. We could have spent much more time there but we were on a tour...that just means we must go back again.