Friday, September 26, 2008

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament.......September 26

Take advantage of your short time on earth.
Do those things that will lead you to eternal life.
Come to Me frequently before the Blessed Sacrament, especially when you are hurting with worry,
fear, anxiety and pain and suffering of any kind.


josef_63 said...

Wow! another beautiful holy card and text! The text really makes one think deeply about the state of their soul. Am I really in union with God's will in my life? May we always keep before us the image of Jesus who is our reward for being faithful to Him! What a meeting that will be! Jesus infuse our souls with your grace and power so that we may always do your divine will! Thank you for your great love! A blessed day to all! John K.

Easter A. said...

Hello dear Micki,
I do visits to the Blessed Sacrament because Jesus who is present there keeps me sane :-). There's really never a place where one can truly be sane but there in the sanctuary and there in the rightful place where we receive Him. In this transient life we live amidst chaos and worldliness, it is good to know that there in the Blessed Sacrament is a place where we can be rejuvenated. That is wonderful sanity! Sweet sanity! My, I could go on... hehehehe... love you, dear lady! I know you don't post awards, but you can come and visit me to take a peek at the award I reserved for you!

Micki said...

John K - Thanks for your words of grace and wisdom.

Easter - While doing my last holy hour I read something that helped me. Sometimes when you just can't get "IN TOUCH" with our Lord, just turn it over to Mary. She will adore Him for can just "look at Him" in silence.

I love your words of "we can be rejuvenated" necessary at times. :-)
Thank you.

LoveStJoseph said...

My Lord is present:
Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity!
What a gift to us,
He is with us ALWAYS!!!!!!

Easter A. said...

"Sometimes when you just can't get "IN TOUCH" with our Lord, just turn it over to Mary. She will adore Him for can just "look at Him" in silence"

Love it, Micki! Mary. Yes, she is my extension of sanity. Sweet, delicate as a rose yet solid type of sanity! :-)

Love to you,

Micki said...

lovestjoseph - What comfort there is in your message. Thanks.

Easter - Glad you liked that quote too. I was very comforted learning that you can turn it over to Mary...we must remember that! Blessings to you sweet friend.