Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pray..........September 25

"Pray for the many spiritual and material needs of your families, your communities, the whole Church, and all of humanity.
Indeed, prayer is the first and greatest work of charity that we must do for our brothers and sisters."

Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)


josef_63 said...

I love these Hummel images on holy cards they are so cute and touching! The text for today is very beautiful also. Isn't it a beautiful thing that we can always turn to Our Dear Lord in prayer? Knowing He is always listening and waiting for us to keep Him company, yet He invites us to come to Him when all seems to be falling apart and He will give us all that we need at that time. We must also have grateful hearts for all that He blesses us with and share the fruits of those blessings with those in need. Prayer is powerful and nothing but directing our thoughts and hearts to the King of Love! A blessed day to all! John K.

Ed said...

Dear Micki.
I will be attending a Mass tonight in honor of Saint Padre Pio. I will say a special prayer for you and your intentions.
God Bless

Irene said...

What can one possible add to that?

Micki said...

John K. - I love the image you present when saying "He keeps us company"....hope I never forget that picture.

Ed - How comforting to know you will remember me to St. Pio. Thank you.

Irene - I agree.

Marilena said...

this is a wonderful post and holy card. iam going to put it on my blog:)