Friday, September 12, 2008

Holy Communion..........September 12

"Holy Communion keeps me full of joy.
Without the constant presence of our divine Master
in my humble chapel,
I should never have been able to continue
to link my life with the lepers of Molaka'i."

Blessed Damien Joseph De Veuster of Molaka'i


Easter A. said...

God be praised for those stories of faith and love! Thank you for posting this, Micki!

Micki and John, re: baby Mary posted on Sept 8. Here is a link that will be of great interest to you:

That link was sent to be by Evann, author of blog Homeschool Goodies:

Many blessings and love!

Micki said...

Easter - Thank you dear friend for this wonderful site. I'll turn it into a clickable site for others to get to easier. click here A treasure of information.

EbethW said...

So Sweet! love this picture.

Hugs to you!!