Saturday, September 20, 2008

Star of the Sea..........September 20

Pray for thy children,
Who call unto thee;
Sinless and beautiful Star of the Sea.


aspiring said...
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Micki said...

Aspiring - "Eye to eye"....isn't that what we always want to be doing? Thank you for that thought.

the mother of this lot said...

One of my favourite titles of Our Lady!

Irene said...

Aspiring --
Thank you for that comforting thought. I just never saw it that way before.

Secret said...

Wow, what a beautiful Holy Card! Quite unique. Do you know when it dates from?

Micki said...

Mother - One of mine too.

Irene - It's great to learn new things via blogs :-)

Secret - Thank you. There is no date listed on this card. I'd guess 1940s...just a guess.