Monday, September 29, 2008

Feast of Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.....September 29..

St. Michael - Patron of Policemen and Paramedics. His name means "Who is like to God". Michael protects.

St. Gabriel - Patron of Communications Workers, his name means "man of God". Gabriel announces.

St. Raphael - Patron of Travelers, his name means "God has healed". Raphael guides.


paramedicgirl said...

That is a very beautiful rendition of St Raphael. BTW, St Michael is also the patron of paramedics.

josef_63 said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely images of The Holy ArchAngels! Now more than ever before we need to invoke the intercession of St. Michale to protect us from EVERY EVIL! Satan is trying to destroy anything that will bring us closer to Our Dear Lord! Just look around and see what is happening to society, families and even in the Church itself! May St. Micheal and and the Angels and Saints in Heaven protect us!! May Jesus the King of Heaven be Praised and Loved now and Forever!!! A blessed Day to all! John K.

Easter A. said...

At Mass today was the funeral of a Samoan choir member. Though I didn't know her, my heart felt a pinch of sorrow. And though the choir she belonged to sings in the evening, and mine in the morning, I felt a connection with her which later seemed to have dissipated. But how glad I am that today at church, at Mass, where her life was celebrated, these 3 super angels prayed with us for her dear soul. Now I know how to continue praying for her.

Thanks, Micki, for sharing these wonderful holy cards with us.

Love to you!

Micki said...

Paramedicgirl - Thank you for letting me know about St. Michael also being the patron of paramedics. I added it to the post. :-)

John K. - I agree, we need to pray to all the archangels....but most especially St. Michael at this time. When I was a kid the Sunday Mass always ended with the congregation praying the prayer to St. Michael.

Easter - Eternal rest grant unto her O times of life endings we can only place our trust in Him and be grateful for the life of a beautiful person who was in our life. Thank you for sharing your joy of thanking those great angels for accompanying her to her reward.