Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Mother..........September 22

"When Mary became the Mother of Jesus, true God and true Man, she also became our Mother.

In His great mercy, Jesus wished to call us His brothers and sisters, and by this name He constituted us adopted children of Mary."

St. John Bosco


Ed said...

Oh, Micki how beautiful. Thank you for posting this.

josef-63 said...

Micki I hope this finds you well. This holy card is so touching and beautiful! Isn't it a wonderful thing that Our Lord counts us among His friends and brother and sisters when He gave us the Blessed Mother to be our own as well? He always plans the BEST for all of us and that is what one does when one loves so passionately. Thank you Jesus for your great love and mercy, fill our days with your presence so that you will permeate every aspect of our lives! A good day to all! John K.

Micki said...

Ed - I never tire of seeing the two of them depicted in various art work.

John K - If only everyone would think of her as "their" mother. How that would please her I'm sure. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.