Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Were You Born?..........January 23

If anyone should ask a truly wise man
why he was born,
he will answer without fear or hesitation,
that he was born
for the purpose of worshiping God.

Here is the meaning of the German words on this card:
"In memory of my first day of school _______ 19__"


Anne said...

Love the card!

Gardenia said...

I like the silouette card. beautiful. you have such a lovely collection, Micki. I wonder, when did you start collecting?

Anonymous said...

I.with Gardenia,agree. Your collection is beautiful..when did you start and where do you collect from??? Thank You for sharing with us. I wonder why it is that people will abuse of things and situations and then we all loose out. Such as with coping your cards.What a pity .
Have a wonderful Saturday. Here in Ca. we are quite wet.(the rain)

Mary Lou said...

I, too, love the holy card! And the message is elementary, but how much time escapes without my accepting that is the only reason that I am here? God help me! said...

This is a lovely card with such an easy messege thats so hard to remember.

Micki said...

Anne - T Y

Gardenia - A long long time ago when the good nuns used to pass them out for various reasons. I loved them and didn't "earn" too many at that time but sure made up for it in my "mature age" :-)

snflwr - The biggest contributor to my collection came when I discovered Ebay many years ago.....before they go sooo expensive. The Europeans were wonderful to bring these all to the American collectors. I'm glad I'm not having to buy them now. I'm done, have too many to truly appreciate myself. So glad so many of you like them too.

Mary Lou - Yes, I know what you mean. When I first found that quote I was reminded of my first grade Baltimore Cathechism question "Why did God make me" "God made me to know Him, love Him, serve Him and be happy with Him forever." So simple yet so hard to truly do.

mseago - Y W (your welcome)...I agree that it's something we still have to apply to our lives and it's not easy.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful card. But I love the text even more. Such beautiful words. John K.

Micki said...

John K. - T Y.....As was already said, simple words but hard to apply.

Anonymous said...


Here is the meaning of the German words on this card:

"In memory of my first day of school _______ 19__"


Micki said...

John - Thanks for translating.