Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayer to Lose.......January 16

We pray to lose our self-centered pride when we pray, "hallowed be thy name."
We pray to lose our self-centeredness when we pray, "thy kingdom come."
We pray to lose our wills when we pray,
"thy will be done."
We pray to lose our self-sufficiency when we pray, "give us our daily bread."
We pray to lose our sins when we pray,
"forgive us our sins."
We pray to lose our grudges and pains when we pray, "as we forgive others."
We pray to lose our temptations when we pray,
"lead us not into temptation."
We pray to lose the evil in our lives when we pray, "deliver us from evil."

Father Dave Ruppert

May we pray the Our Father well today and may that prayer cause us to lose.


Mary Lou said...

The Our Father--that is one powerful prayer! I had never heard this most wonderful analysis before. T Y, Micki, for the great lesson! And the great depiction of our God!

Anne said...

Great perspective, it really drives home the virtues of humility and trust in God.

Alexandra said...

This is wonderful! I've posted this reflection.

Micki said...

Mary Lou - A lesson that was shared during a homily...I loved it too. TY

Anne - I guess that's why He taught us the prayer huh? TY

Alexandra - Hope your viewers enjoy and are inspired also. Thanks

Jackie - Your welcome. Hope all is well by you.