Thursday, January 21, 2010

St. Agnes Feast Day...January 21

Saint Agnes is often pictured with a lamb for two reasons:
(1) because her name is similar
to the Latin word for lamb, agnus;
(2) because the lamb is young and innocent,
and therefore a symbol of purity.

Patroness of young girls.

To read about St. Agnes click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful image! She is one of my Patron Saints - my B-Day shares her Feast day.

Unknown said...

Holy virgin and martyr, pray for us!

Thanks Micki for sharing this beautiful one with us! :)

Mary Lou said...

I join in remarking on the beautiful image of this young saint. T Y dear Micki, for sharing the picture and the story of St Agnes! And Happy Birthday Adrienne!

Micki said...

Adrienne - Happy Birthday to you....What a lovely patron you have.

Meldelen - Y W Thank you for your little prayer.

Mary Lou - Y W I like this picture myself because it's the only one that shows her hair soo curly. (Does that tell you that I have perfectly STRAIGHT hair?)

Gardenia said...

I love Saint Angnes. that is a beautiful picture of her.

Micki said...

Gardenia - Yes, the artist did a wonderful interpretation. TY