Monday, January 11, 2010

Mary in Blue..........January 11

He who fails to pray
does not cheat God.
He cheats himself.


Anonymous said...

A fine piece as always.

Gardenia said...

all the Holy Cards of our blessed Mother show her so beautiful. she is beautiful.

Mary Lou said...

What a beautiful picture of our Blessed Mother! And those words, Micki, will be my meditation today. T Y!

Anonymous said...

Amen,Amen...... a lot said will few words and so true. What a mantra. T.Y. Micki.

p.s. don't forget that cup of coffee

A wonderfulday to all.

Ed Sousa said...

Wow: How beautiful Micki

Micki said...

crusader88 - I think you might be a new commenter. If so, welcome. Thank you for your appreciation.

Gardenia - That's a yes from all of us I'm sure.

Mary Lou - Y W as always.

snflwr - I always have such a hard time getting your "name" correct. Is there a clue to snflwr? Maybe "snowflower" snflwr? Big smile.
I might need two's mighty cold here....and so dark in the morning.

Ed Sousa - T Y

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these lovely words that inspired me to pray not only daily but many times daily.

Micki said...

Anonymous - It's a pleasure to bring you joy and inspiration. Thand You.