Sunday, January 3, 2010

Epiphany of the Lord..........January 3

January 6 is the assumed feast day of the Epiphany.
In most parts of the world, including the United States, the celebration of Epiphany has been transferred to the Sunday that falls between January 2 and January 8 (inclusive).
This year, 2010 it is celebrated January 3.

Today we worship a partial fulfillment
when Jesus, as an Infant King,
is manifested to wise men
of the Gentile world
and through them to all peoples.

Dear Followers of the blog. I am forced to cancel any printing options of my cards due to people adding copies to Public Domain where anyone can copy the card. As you know, my cards are from my personal collection and are for use for individual inspiration and motivation. I don't want those who want to use the image for themselves to miss using the card, so in the future, please email me (holycards(at) and give me the date of the posted card that you want. I will email you the file image for your use. Thank you for understanding. You can still highlight the card/page and print on your computer.


Unknown said...

In Spain we still celebrate Epiphany always on January 6th. The Three Kings bring gifts to children in this day.

Micki said...

Meldelen - If we didn't have this change to the Sunday celebration, we would be celebrating the "Holy Name of Jesus" feast day.
When the Epiphany is celebrated during the week I think the church felt too many people were forgetting the holiness of this special celebration....and also the perfect example we should be doing in our reverence to the King of the World by the example of the Kings.

Gardenia said...

I've been away and missed your site. will have to catch up.

Mary Lou said...

What a glorious holy card! And how much I have found out that I didn't understand or didn't even know the meaning of as I have followed your blog. Jesus taught much with the use of parables. And you use holy cards and prayers!I wonder if He gets kind of tickled as He watches us huddled around our computers participating/learning, recalling His followers setting on the ground, listening to His stories?

Anonymous said...

In reference to what Marylou said, I see the image in my mind of when all the children are gathered and seated around him as he tells them stories.This is also how I feel as i too am learning so much. Once again, Thank You Micki. Have a wonderful Sunday.

X said...

Hi Micki,
Lately I have been sending random holy cards to a coworker. It started out as a discreet way to stay connected as the only 2 practicing Catholics at work. I would include the holy card with the pay stubs that I mail out. His wife was so excited by this that she started posting the cards on their fridge or bulletin board - it has become a learning opportunity for their little boys (they have another one on the way due in Feb.)

I had hoped to save a few of your cards (because they are much more beautiful than ordinary ones) and print them and send them to my coworker and his family - I hope that is OK.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how do you know "I am forced to cancel any printing options of my cards due to people adding copies to Public Domain where anyone can copy the card. " are coming from your blog not not from somewhere else on the internet?

I too, have a very large holy card collection, over 30 years worth and many are the same as yours. A family member has scanned these and put up on the internet.

I'd be interested in knowing how I can tell if people are getting them from this family member.

Do a google search on a particular saint and there will be hundreds of sites with the same or similar cards. Couldn't people be getting them from one of these? I've done a google search a number of times trying to find the perfect holy card or picture to put in my prayer book or for a project I'm working on. Sometimes a search is productive and sometimes it isn't. Very, very rarely has your site come up in one of these searchs.

I personally don't understand what the big deal is over this. I would think you would be over joyed to see the interest taken in "your" holy cards and want to be God's instrument in creating a devotion to God, Mary and the Angels and Saints, through them.

There is a quote, "Among the Saints there is no jealousy." Therefore, I see it as they wouldn't want their images suppressed and limited. Rather they would want them spread far a wide for the greater honor, praise and glory of God.

I think it is better for people to be using "my" holy cards than for them to be sitting in my boxes and photo albums. This "my" is only because they happen to be in my possession but we all know they are not mine (nor are yours yours) but a tool of God to reach people and we are to be the "instrument" to get them out there.

Do you really think the artist that painted these cards, especially the really old ones are having a fit because people are copying them and still using them?

God hasn't given me the skills to figure out all this computer stuff but I'm glad I have family who can put good holy things up on the net. Are these cards all about you or are they for the greater honor and glory of God?

To use the "copyright" angle is to be hypocritical. If you want to be that technical than you shouldn't be putting them up at all because technically you are breaking the copyright. So to condemn and critize others for using a holy card image, is the pot calling the kettle black.

I've been following your site for some time and have seen things happen that hasn't been very charitable or Christain. I suspect, my comments will be deleted as I've seen other peoples comments deleted in the pass.

You baffle me.


X said...

Holy carp?! Are we even reading the same blog? Micki is one of the kindest bloggers around! If she wants to block access to people copying her stuff she has every right to - it's HER blog. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into scanning all these cards and coming up with verses to go with them - and sometimes translating them from other languages.

I have gone to many art sites, clipart sites, etc. and many if not most make it impossible for you to copy them for free. Good on you, Micki to exercise some control!

In any case, if I am understanding it correctly - we need only email Micki and she will send us the image via email.

God bless you, Micki. I love your blog!

Mary Lou said...

Angela, I am glad you broke the ice--I have been pacing the floor---furious.
Why do those who want to shoot their hateful mouth off hide behind 'annonymous'? What Micki does or doesn't do on her blog is none of 'annonymous Lucie's business'. If this blog is so distasteful to 'aL', what is she/he doing reading it? Maybe the saints are not jealous of one another, but dear 'aL', a saint you are not, because you are sure as hell jealous of the love that we have for Micki and the gathering place that she gives so many of us for inspiration and prayer. And believe me, you don't want to ruin that for us! And now, 'aL', you can say that my post does not sound Christian--well let me tell you something, I'm a MAD CHRISTIAN.

Micki said...

Gardenia - Welcome back. Looks like there is a lot of excitement happening here right now :-)

Mary Lou - I have to laugh about your statement that you wonder if He gets "tickled as He watches us huddled around our computers"....heck, I'm sure He laughs like crazy when He sees me trying to come up with cards, quotes etc. Thanks for that vision.

sunflwr - Also love that vision...listening to Him tell stories. I love that.

Angela - What a great ministry that is...sharing with others. Please know that anything you want I will gladly send you the file. No problem...just give me the date.

I'm going to take a few minutes break to gather my thoughts for the next commenter.

Micki said...

Lucie - You say you are a holy card collector. You must then recognize when you have cards that are common to many others. You must also know when you have unusual or rare cards….the ones you don’t see on all the search pages. When you own those kinds of cards you don’t appreciate others putting them where others can make copies of them and possibly attempt to sell them on Ebay as originals. I have many cards that I know are mine show up on Public Domain sites. I know they are mine because several are definitely one of a kind. Or, more easily identified because of the borders or background colors used to show the cards. Whatever…’s really none of your concern why I have
chosen to do this.

Of course I am “over-joyed” to have interest in “my” cards. My entire purpose has always been to offer something that brings Inspiration and meditative thoughts to one’s personal prayers or conversation with our Lord and Savior.

I’m insulted that you felt it necessary to quote me about jealousy among saints.
I’m not jealous and I’m not a saint……but I’m working on the latter.
I’m not sure that you fully understand that I am perfectly willing to send any person
The file picture of their choice. When they are willing to say who they are (via their
e-mail address) it shows that they are the kind of person who is using the card for the intended purpose and not to copy and sell.

I’m extremely sorry that you feel there has been uncharitable things
happening on the blog. I’m afraid I haven’t found that to be truthful at all. In fact I have been blessed to have met many people who have motivated me to be a better Christ follower. I wish the same for you.

Angela - Thanks for the support. I needed that because I was a little shocked myself.

Mary Lou - I'm loving my "mad-Christian" friends. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
I am actually very happy to share my rare holy cards. The rarer the more it should be shared. Last year, I was seriously thinking of mailing (USPS) you all my doubles (I usually buy 2). The single ones, I was thinking I’d make copies. I have many I’ve never seen on your site. However, God allowed me to witnesses an attack, on a commenter, by yourself & devotees. I was shocked & wish I hadn’t seen this. Up to then, I thought this was a top-notch blog. It was an eye-opener. I don’t know how that incident resolved itself, as you deleted the comments before it was resolved –damage control, as I saw it. I decided I’d give the cards to Catholic teachers, who could give them to students, instead. Holy cards given & signed are the ones we treasure most.

The jealousy among saint, it wasn’t from you I got this quote, as you seem to think. A dear friend says this all the time, but she is referring to their writings. I thought it was applicable to holy cards. Reread what I wrote. I think it’s clear, it had everything to do with the Saints & getting them into the public & nothing to do with us, who are still working to become one. Chances are pretty slim we’ll have a holy card.

I did see you are willing to email people the cards but this had nothing to do with this pt of having to go through you. The comments were about allowing people to use your pictures wherever and whenever God would want them to be used. After all, He is the true owner of the cards. If people see your cards & are inspired to want to copy them, why should they have to go thru you?

I thought this blog was about the Saints and God. You are God’s instrument in reaching people, people you may never know about, who He has planned to direct to your site. Why would you want to set limits on how God uses you & create roadblocks. As I see it (it applies to me also) God allowed us the blessing to have these cards, therefore we need to pass them on and share this blessing freely.


Anonymous said...

Part 2
I get the impression you & your devotees, in your anger, are all wishing me to hell & I’m not being Christian. I too am working at becoming a St. Because I asked a Q & posted a pt of view to make you reflect on a different angle rather than praising you, like most commenters do, I’m deemed hateful. I think everyone needs to reread it with level heads.

It now leaves me wondering, has the blog gone to your head & you think yourself too important to be a humble instrument in God’s hand. Are you too attached to your cards, when we are to practice complete detachment from all things, including holy cards. It took me a long time to learn this type of detachment but the older I get the easier it is. I’m hoping by the time I die, I’ll have nothing left, as I’ll have given it all away. My holy cards are going to someone I know will be making good use of it.

I wasn’t anonymous. I put my name Lucie. Where did I say this blog was distasteful? Over the years, I’ve often enjoy the quotes more than the cards, since I have them. If anything is distasteful it’s in the comments - when somebody asks a Q, they get attacked. Therefore, I’m not surprised by your attacks, nor am I upset by it. I was hoping it was a fluke thing but I guess it isn’t.

It funny how when people can’t debate a truth point, they attack the commenter. Maybe before picking my motives apart, you should be looking to your own. Mine was to pt out none of us own the saints, including holy cards & to further God’s honor, praise & glory, through the saints. If we are truly devoted to them, we want them to be known by one & all.

I don’t see why this had to cause such a stir. I apologize for the commotion it has caused. I don’t why God allowed this to happen. His ways are not ours. He’ll work all things for the good. Maybe it was to detach me from this blog, as I no longer have any attachment to it. I see a pattern & I no longer want to be near it. There are plenty of other great Catholic sites I to inspiration from. I’ll be deleting you from my favorites.

God bless you and your devotees.


Micki said...

Lucie – I probably shouldn’t use this form to answer your last comment because as you said, you won’t be back. The only point I’ll answer, so my other readers can hear me say is: I am sorry you interpret my blog to be selfish and not spreading the love of holy cards to others. I truly believe that being open to willingly share was the whole point of starting a blog. I still share daily and I share the file of the card to anyone willing to send me their address…..this is like giving them a copy of the card and I trust their motivation.

I can’t remember any arguments on the blog that I deleted…maybe I have memory loss, due to my age. I do remember erasing comments of people who left anti-Catholic, advertising, and blasphemous comments about saints etc. I’ve been told that copies,
yes, copies (identifiable to my friends and me) of rare cards appeared on public auction sites.
That is considered “stealing” in my eyes, not sharing something of beauty acquired at a cost to me in its original form.

I hope this brings this topic to an end. God bless us all.

PS…..Please, no one praises me. Praise and encouragement and similar but different. They comment on the beauty of the cards, they share their opinion of the joy and love it creates in them. They thank me for sharing and having the chance to see and use for the purpose and intention of the blog…..INSPIRATION.

Anonymous said...

Please note, the images can not be extended.

Micki said...

Anonymous - Please note first message on left-hand sidebar. Thank you.