Monday, January 25, 2010

Do You See Jesus in the Host?....January 25

The following is written on the back of this holy card, written in 1963.

"Dear ________,
Receive Him as often as possible. In order to receive the necessary graces you must be attentive at Mass. He is

present and wants you because He loves you. Love Him _______ with a full and perfect love. Remember the most perfect love is that which Our Lord is the way, the truth, and the life. God love you. I remain also your friend _________."

I left out the names that are written for privacy reasons.


Mary Lou said...

What a beautiful holy card! And the thoughtful message someone took the time to write to a friend is beautiful! I could use a friend that cared about me that much.

Anne said...

So beautiful! How blessed the original recipient must have been, and how blessed we all are now because you have shared this with us!

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou, I am sure you do have a friend like that and aren't aware of him/her. If you will send me your address, I will be your friend as well. I am a widow of 27 yrs, from Ca. Am 72yrs of age. God Bless You !!!

sunflwr of Calif.
p.s. Beautiful card Mikki

Michele said...

Such a wonderful sentiment. Those were the days when we collected and cherished Holy Cards I was told not long ago children don't care for Holy Cards probably because they don't have a Missal to put them in. I still have all mine in fact I still have my First communion Book. We all have a love for them they are timeless.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

What a "Special" card! I love the prayer that is with it. This is indeed a beautiful gift given to the recipient, what a treasure and grace. Thank You for sharing this "Gem" with us! A Blessed Day to All, espcially Mary Lou! Jesus and Our Lady love You Mary Lou! John K. said...

Here I am Sunflower! Hell nor high water will keep me from the offer to have a God-loving friend.

Micki said...

To All Who Commented Today
This was such a special Comment Page..never had one before that made my heart sing. Friends, Realization how important words can be, Love for our Fellow men/women. Thank you all....I'm definitely singing.

PS to Michele Here's a thought to consider. Children might not have the Missals/Prayerbooks that we had but if they were invited to take a card home and put it in the Family Bible might be an idea. Of course this might be the incentive to also get a Bible in their homes.