Saturday, January 2, 2010

C. Bosseron Chambers Guardian Angel......January 2

"And so the angels are here;
they are at your side; they are with you, present on your behalf.
They are here to protect you and to serve you. But even if it is God
who has given them this charge,
we must nonetheless be grateful to them
for the great love with which they obey
and come to help us in our great need."

St. Bernard

Artwork by:
C. Bosseron Chambers

Dear Followers of the blog. I am forced to cancel any printing options of my cards due to people adding copies to Public Domain where anyone can copy the card. As you know, my cards are from my personal collection and are for use for individual inspiration and motivation. I don't want those who want to use the image for themselves to miss using the card, so in the future, please email me (holycards(at) and give me the date of the posted card that you want. I will email you the file image for your use. Thank you for understanding. You can still highlight the card/page and print on your computer.


Mary Lou said...

Angels are comforting! The picture is beautiful and the words of St Bernard, inspiring. Thank you Micki!

Julia said...

So beautiful! I neglect my Guardian Angel terribly...thank you for the reminder! Sending this picture to my daughter who has a beautiful son!-)

Anonymous said...

What a comfort to know that ones' guardian angel is always with us. I pray to them daily. Very nice to know about St Julia,founder of the sisters of Notre Dame. There is a school next to our church here called Notre Dame school with sisters of the order running it.. Nice to know more about them. Thank You.

Micki said...

Mary Lou - Picture and Words are doing their job....thank you.

Julia - Did you notice my two new patron saints? All about them on my left side-bar. Hope you take advantage of this wonderfulo ministry of Marianne.

snflwr - Hope all of you go and get your patron saint for the year. It's a blessing for all.

Akalei said...

As always, Ms. Micki, these are wonderful!! Love the quotes :)

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family! Prayers coming your way...

Micki said...

Charity Therese - So good to see you stopping by again to leave a comment. Thank you for your prayers and please have a holy and happy 2010year also. Prayers for you and your whole family, especially your wonderful mother.

Anne said...

Beautiful, beautiful picture! Takes my breath away!