Friday, September 18, 2009

Prisoner in the Tabernacle..........September 18

(Today's words taken from an earlier post)

I have not seen your face today,
Where were you?
A hundred others came to pray,
Where were you?
From out My prison I have gazed!
At thousands who have, kneeling, praised -
I wanted YOU.

I wanted you - you did not come,
Where were you?
I waited there, in silence, dumb -
Where were you?
Ah! Could you not one moment spare?
Ah! Surely you a little care!
I wanted you.

Bishop Sheen did a daily holy hour.
Click below to read why.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou, Micki, for sharing this absolute treasure....and it really is like this....there He is, Our Beloved, imprisoned in the tabernacle, just waiting for us to come and visit with Him.
The quote you wrote is also just so beautiful. Thankyou, again.

Diane S.

Michele said...

These are words I have used also when giving an anouncement. I feel that a reminder once in awhile is good for everyone.
Thank you

Anonymous said...


Here is the meaning of the card's French words:

[At the top:]
"If you have faith ..."

[At the bottom:]
"For Thee, o Prisoner of love, I present myself here, night and day, weeping before God my Father and praying about Thy misery."


Anne said...

Powerful prayer and picture!

Micki said...

Diane - Loved your callind Him "Our Beloved"....made me smile to know of our hidden treasure.

Michele - I so agree with you. Thanks.

John - So good to know these translated words. Thank you.

Anne - Thank you for using the word "powerful" true.

Anonymous said...

Could you link somewhere to ?
It's a website with a live feed to a Eucharist that is maintained by (I think?) Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration.
'cause sometimes people can't get to a church, but there have been miracles for people who have adored Him on the site, and it's an easy way to say "good night" to Him before going to bed.

Beautiful and amazing post.

James Joseph said...

Isn't this the holy prayer card that caused the Little Flower to enter into the Carmelites?

I think it is. She wanted to be the little flower of the Prisoner of the Tabernacle... I think... not sure.

Micki said...

James Joseph,
Thank you for that question. I've never heard this and it is very interesting to read that one of my favorite saints was touched in her life by this picture.....oh may it touch all of us who still see it.

True or not it makes me see it differently. Thank you.