Thursday, September 17, 2009

Desire..........September 17

"Pray for the desire
to have the desire you had
when you fell in love with Jesus and Mary."

(homily from a local priest)


cheryl said...

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, Micki, that's the most beautiful one yet. I love the bright colors! Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Micki,

what a beautiful card and quote! Thank you for always lifting up my spirit and my day.



Anonymous said...

The quote is SO true...Amen! Thanks, Micki!

Micki said...

Cheryl - I like the colors too. Thanks.

Ceci - It's not me lifting your spirit, it's the blessings of HIM.
Thanks anyway.

Stephanie - I feel the same. Words are not from a "saint" but from a very loving priest.

Danica-Christine J/v Vuuren said...

Thank you, Micki, the image and quote are beyond breathtaking. May She be with you always.

In Mary,

Micki said...

Dani - Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad blogger lets me know when a comment is posted...especially on older cards that I probably wouldn't have noticed at a later date. Again, welcome.