Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Shepherd...........September 24

"The good shepherd goes looking for the one sheep, and on finding it 'rejoices more over it than over the ninety-nine.' God's love does not reach out to us generically, but individually, one by one. Our love should do the same.

Who is that one sheep God wants me to find today?"

MY DAILY VISITOR, November/December 2007


diddleymaz said...

Any one who lives as I do in the South Wales valleys can tell you how wayward ,stuborn and downright contrary sheep are.They are so good at becoming attached to dangerous behaviour like eating the grass along the edges of very busy roads. Many a time we find them standing in the middle of a busy road or darting accross without warning, especially the young ones if Mum is on the other side! How patient and loving is Our Good Shepherd time and again to look after us and be there no matter how foolish our actions!No human farmer and his faithfull dogs can compare with Our Loving Saviour and His Saints and Angels!The Lamb of God knows our ways and still Loves us.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for that tremendous insight about sheep,, that is powerful to think about.
What a beautiful holy card and quote, Micki! Thankyou so much for sharing these treasures!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Micki. I guess I never thought about it from that perspective, that we are called to turn right around and be as a type of shepherd, too.

Also, diddleymaz, what a great insight into how sheep really behave. Really puts the meditation on a whole new level.

Thanks and God bless to all!

cheryl said...

I'd like to "find" my brother. He's flown the coop and no longer calls us. I told mom, I think he just lost it after dad died. He's not lost-lost, he's just lost to us.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful and touching image and text. The thoughts left by :diddleymaz" is equally moving. Micki, Thank you for sharing! John K.

Micki said...

diddleymaz - I absolutely love what you wrote about sheep. I can truly understand now how we are the "sheep"...attached to our dangerous behavior, yet our Shepherd is so good...and always comes for us. Thank you.

Diane - Your oh so welcomed.

Stephanie - Absolutely a very deep question for us...I will have to meditate much to think about.

Cheryl - Maybe we can become your brother's human shepherd and, by prayer, go after him and bring him home. I think we all have or know of similar situations....I myself have one in the family that is not part of our family too. We just pray.

John K. - So good to "see" you again. It's good that you and others can appreciate others who leave such deep comments shared with us all. It's always my pleasure to share.

diddleymaz said...

God is good, many thanks everyone, your welcome and lets pray for Cheryls brother

Easter A. said...

Hello Sweet Micki,
Sweet aloha.
I do apologize for my long silence. I know it's been awhile...

Guess what? I finished my book. :-)
Our God be praised!

Much love to you!
And I thank you for all your good works!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Easter A (old friend).

Micki is away now, but I'm sure that she will respond to you after she returns.


Easter A. said...

John, dear and wonderful brother in Christ!!!

I was thinking of you as I was writing the messsage to Micki. Blessings to you. May your days be filled with joy and peace from our Good Shepherd!

Aloha, dear John!