Sunday, September 13, 2009

Christ Is............................September 13

"The Christ of Bethlehem
is the Christ of Galilee,
is the Christ of the Crucifixion,
is the Christ of the Resurrection, is the Christ of the Eucharist."

John Cardinal O'Connor


cheryl said...

I have a question. Maybe you don't know either lol, but today's picture brought it to mind again.

Did John and Jesus really know one another as children or is this just some sort of artistic representation?

Is there anything in Church tradition which indicates that they did?


Oh, & btw, is that St Anne or St Elizabeth in the background?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture, Micki!

Diane S.

Ginny said...

Gorgeous picture and very unique idea. How nice to imagine the young families together like that.

diddleymaz said...

I love these pictures of the Holy Family,They have always been popular and the National gallery in London houses the famous Leonardo cartoon of a scene like this, before which i have stood awestruck and deeply moved several times.
The key to knowing who is who is the dress and the oblect they hold, Joseph holds his carpenters square, our Lady and the Infant Christ have the largest Halos and the young Baptist is in his rough camelskin, but the older woman has no attribute, my gut feeling was this is St Anna,Our Ladys mother because she is behind her and the baptist is greeting Christ one would assume st Elizabeth and her husband are hurrying up the path their energetic toddler leading the way!Such sentimental scenes may be imagination but i think as Our lady visited her cousin why should they not visit in turn?perhaps welcoming them back from Egypt! Anyway its a lovely image and gives a warm happy feeling to the heart on a day when we are at home cooking a family lunch and for those alone,Look here is a family who will be with you if you ask them!

diddleymaz said...

Now i have looked again I see the older lady has a book,that makes her St Anne who is shown with one usually pointing out scripture to the youn Mary, sorry but its almost same colour as her robe!

SHEAFmom said...

To my shame I am very poorly educated about art. Each day these images inspire me to want to know more and to share my discoveries with my homeschooling children. If you happen to know the name of the artist for each image would you consider posting it? I am having my oldest child look up the artists as they come through and tell me something about the artist, the style of art, and something about the artwork itself. If it is a pain no worries I bought her art programs, but we already look at and enjoy these different images every day.

Micki said...

Cheryl - Great question. I don't know the answer for sure. I just assumed it was St. Johns mother, St. Elizabeth. I read somewhere that possibly St. Anna was not alive when Jesus was born. We will never really know. My personal question was always why does St. John look so much older than Jesus when we know he was only six months older than Jesus.

Diane - It takes a wonderful mother like you to truly appreciate our wonderful Mother Mary. Thanks.

Ginny - I so agree with you.

diddleymaz - What a good job you did of bringing it all together. You are far more knowledgeable than I could possibly be.

SHEAFmom - What can I's a great idea but I just don't want to start having to list artists etc. First of all, it's not always something that is on a card. And if it is, it is surrounded by foreign words etc and I am not familiar with all their names either. So, just trying to do what I can. Sorry I'm not up to doing more. But, I do agree, it would add to the knowledge of the art.