Sunday, July 26, 2009

St. Ann (Anne, Anna) July 26

“To St. Anne, God has given the power to aid in every necessity,
because Jesus,
her Divine Grandchild according to the flesh,
will refuse her no petition,
and Mary, her glorious daughter,
supports her every request.
Those who venerate good St. Anne
shall want for nothing,
either in this life or the next. . . .”

Abbot Trithemius

Read about St. Anne.


Anne said...

Lovely holy card! I completely forgot that it is my feast day today! I will have to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

My middle name is Anne. I am ashamed to say that I have neglected any real devotion to her through my life. I am going to resolve today to change that. Thanks, Micki, for another great post. Stephanie

Amy said...

Same here--My daughter's feast day and didn't realize it.

Anonymous said...

Micki, Thank you for the beautiful holy card and text, very inspiring. The church in which I was baptized and made my first holy communion was named St. Anne's. A Happy Feast Day to all visitors who's feast day it is. Hope you are doing well Micki. I am contemplating your suggestion and that left by others about starting my own site. I don't know how to do this as I am not computer saavy like yourself. I am hoping my nephew will assist me if I do this. I am praying about it. IHope you and everyone, has a wonderful week! Jesus and Our Lady bless you!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my name at the end of my comments. It is the comment left above this one. Sorry! John K.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful card. I have a daughter named Anna. She loves this saint. So this is special to me. Blessings~JMJ~Lisa S.

Micki said...


Anne - I hope your celebration was fun.

Stephanie - What joy to think this card put you back in touch with St. Anne.

Amy - You gave your daughter a beautiful name and patron saint.
I wish more mothers today would stick with classic saint names.

Anonymous - I knew it was you John K. Fun to read you grew up with St. Anne as your Church.

Lisa - Congratulations on being another mother who gave such a beautiful name, Anna, to your daughter. Blessings on both of you.