Thursday, July 23, 2009

Belief in Gospel.............July 23

"If you believe what you like in the gospel,
and reject what you don't like,
it is not the gospel you believe,
but yourself."

St. Augustine of Hippo


Anne said...

Cute Holy Card and I love the quote! No wonder St. Augustine is a doctor of the church-he tells it like it is, doesn't he?

EbethW said...

St. Augustine of Hippo......Micky, why doesn't anybody listen to this wise and practical advice anymore?

Thanks for your are the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So true.
St Augustine of Hippo we ask you to help us discern the truth.

Micki said...

Anne - St. Augustine always says such wise and loving inspirations.

EbethW - I guess they don't listen because they don't want to obey???
Just my thought.

Diddleymaz - Yes, we need all the discerning help we can get. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"What a SWEET holy card and wonderful quote on the card as well!!" I LOVE the quote from St. Augustine. It's SO true!! Too many people have desensitized themselves from the truth. We must pray for everyone daily. Like Mother Teresa, she NEVER left anyone out for any reason!! She loved everyone. Thanks for sharing Micki. Blessings for everyone~JMJ~Lisa S.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that quote says it pretty succinctly! There are so many today that take their faith and God on their terms. It takes alot of humility to do all in God's Will and God's way.
Thankyou, Micki, for sharing.

Diane S.

Micki said...

Lisa S. - Great reminder from St. Teresa to pray for everyone. It's easy to forget that means EVERYONE.

Diane S. - You are so right about needing a lot of humility to do all in God's will. Lord help us all!

Anonymous said...

The card is overly cutesy for my taste, but the quote from St. Augustine is incredibly powerful!

Micki said...

Anonymous - Yes, very "cutesy"..but I liked the quote and couldn't come up with any artistic type holy card except this to show someone reading a bible (or anyother book).
Maybe some child would enjoy the card though :-)