Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Lady of Boulogne............July 12

"Be firm in your (holy) resolutions;
stay in the boat in which our Lord has placed you
and let the storm come.
You will not perish."

St. Padre Pio


zetor said...

Amen. Our Lady please help us all.

Ginny said...

What a intriguing card! I want to know the story of Our Lady of Boulogne ...

Anonymous said...

The text with today's card reminds me of the story in the Gospel when Jesus asks the Apostles why you have little faith? Jesus then calmed the storms. May our faith and trust in Our Lord grow ever more stronger as the tumultous waves of the world pound us in hopes that we will abandon Jesus who is our ALL!!! I love any quote by St. Padre Pio. Let us arm ourselves with the Holy Rosary against the evils of our times. Padre Pio was a great devotee of the Rosary. Jesus and Mary I love you!!! Save Souls!! John K>

Micki said...

Zetor - Such simple words yet such a plea for her assistance. Thank you.

Ginny - I felt the same way but I couldn't find anything except in a foreign language. It's just comforting to know she is there to help us.

John K. - Oh, I so agree with you about Mary and any words from St. Padre Pio.