Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mary's Love................July 22

"Never has the world had a greater need for love than in our day. People are hungry for love. We don't have time to stop and smile at each other. We are all in such a hurry. Pray. Ask for the necessary grace. Pray to be able to understand how much Jesus loved us, so that you can love others."

Mother Teresa


diddleymaz said...

A truly inspireing picture of Mary and Jesus, one of those images that just make you want to be still and love.

Anonymous said...

This card is so beautiful and I love the quote from Mother Teresa.

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

An exquisite painting, Micki, which I recommend that visitors "magnify" by clicking on it. Not only are the faces beautiful, but so are the hands -- most moving to me being the tiny Hand of Jesus touching His mother.

Anonymous said...

I love this holy card. Mother Teresa is one of my favorites. One of my favorite quotes from her is so meaningful yet simple...."We can never know how much good a simple smile can do" ~Mother Teresa
Thanks for sharing~JMJ~Lisa S.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Micki for today's posting, very inspirational. I love any quote by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her words speak volumes to the soul. The world is so in need of love as she so rightly says. There is so much brokeness and Jesus is the one who can and will heal those areas in our lives. But He uses us His little instruments of His love to bring His touch to those in need. It is so sad, that so many people are so self-absorbed in their own little world missing out on the opportunity to help others. I have always believed, although we have many things that make our lives much easier, the "quality" of life is not there as it was a few years ago. Jesus my everything, teach me to spread your love to all that I encounter so that they may feel loved. Also I need patience in some situations, give me your grace so that I can accomplish what you have called me to do. Let us all believe in our heart of hearts in the love you have for us. A blessed day to all! Thank you Micki for the words and images that truly inspire all of us on this journey. John K.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the beautiful meditation. It is so important to simply remember to smile at those we come into contact with each day. We may be that person's only connection to Christ.

God bless,

Micki said...

diddleymaz - "be still and love"....just great advice.

Diane S - I'm so glad you like the card and quote....I humbly say "me too."

John - Great enlarge. I love His hand on her too.

Lisa - Yup, a smile is so easy to give and receive.

John K - I join you in the prayer for patience.

Stephanie - I love your thought that the smile can be a connection to Christ for the receiver.