Saturday, February 14, 2009

*Valentine's Day...............February 14

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Today, let us give our hearts to Mary.
She will then give them to Jesus.

All for Jesus, through Mary,
for world peace
Queen of Peace,
pray for us.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect and beautiful holycard for Valentine's Day! Jesus and Mary are our true loves!
Happy Valentine's Day to you Micki---thankyou for sharing your beautiful holy cards with us each day!

Diane S.

Bella Vita said...

May you have a love-filled Valentine's Day too Micki! You slected such a nice holy card and sentiment that is perfect for today. ~ Roz

StBlog said...

Micki, Happy Saint Valentines Day to you and all your readers. Thank you for continuing to post your beautiful images for us! THey are a source of neverending wonder and joy!
+JMJ+ John

Micki said...

Diane - "Our true loves", how beautiful that is. I love it and you too.

Bella Vita - Thank you dear Roz. I am happy that you have come to stop by. You are a blessing to us all.

StBlog - Hi John. "Wonder and joy", oh what beautiful words. They make me smile. Thank you.

josef_63 said...

Such Beautiful words for St. Valentine's Day! I hope you have a blessed Valentine's Day with all those that you hold dear Micki! I must agree with John's comments that your site is filled with "wonder and joy." Such beautiful and uplifting words. I wish all of your visitors a blessed weekend! John K.

Micki said...

John K - All the saints and authors who contribute to these "beautiful words" thank you. May they bless you all.