Monday, February 16, 2009

*Presidents Day..........February 16

"To sin by silence
when they should protest
makes cowards of men."

Abraham Lincoln

The words on the card come from Psalm 76:8
and are referring to the judgement
of God.


josef_63 said...

We should at all times speak the TRUTH with Love!, even if it causes waves at times. I visited your site twice today asking the Lord to inspire me with some comment. Often today, we want to be politically correct so as not to "hurt" someones feelings, but when we have the truth we have a great responsibility to share that as commanded by Our Lord. It is my prayer that if I see a wrong being done, that I may have the courage to speak instead of cooperating with the wrong being done by remaining silent! A blessed Tuesday to you Micki! John K.

Micki said...

John K - What an inspiration to me to read of your saying a prayer before deciding what to write. I believe that your words today are truly words from our Lord said through your voice. We all need to remember to do that so that we will also let Him speak through us. Warm thanks.

Anonymous said...

What an utterly beautiful card, Micki - lovely, clean simple artwork. Do you know any details about the artist/artwork?

Best Regards, Lynneda