Sunday, February 8, 2009

*El Greco's Madonna...........February 8

"Mary has a great desire to be invoked by us so that she may dispense her favors to us in greater abundance.

So true is this that she is offended not only by those who speak ill of her but also by those who neglect to ask for her graces."

St. Bonaventure

Holy Family-Detail of Madonna
El Greco (1541-1614 Greek)


Anonymous said...


Thank you for this gorgeous work by one of my all-time favorite painters. Working in Spain, he was called El Greco -- a nickname meaning "The Greek," because he was from the island of Crete, where he was baptized Domenikos Theotokopoulos.


Prayerflowers said...

Hi Micki,
Beautiful picture.
It was so good to hear from you.
Thank you for all the prayers you are saying...I thank God my angel friend.

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see this fabulous site again - it must be over a year since I last visited what with moving, new work, this that and the other...

...and then, Praise Be, I look in and there is a beautiful El Greco painting of the Beloved Mary.

Bless You, Micki, for the endless pleasure, inspiration and interest you give.

My Very Best Regards, Lynneda.

Micki said...

John - Isn't it funny how suddenly your "favorite painter" shows up here? Someone is smiling at you.

Prayerflowers - You brighten my day just knowing that you are up and computering. You share so much with so many. You are the angel to so included.
Peace and Joy to you dear.

Lynneda - Welcome back, welcome back. We all missed you. I didn't know your moved...I do hope you are all happy and settled in. I hope you will be able to check back sooner than once a year :-)
Thank you for your warming words.