Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*Our Lady of Lourdes..........February 11

"In no other spot as much as Lourdes do we feel so impelled toward prayer, forgetfulness of self, and charity. The most fervent are attracted to a life more totally offered to God's service.

The less fervent become aware of their tepidity and rediscover the way of prayer. Hardened sinners and unbelievers are often touched by grace."

Pope Pius XII


zetor said...

'Hail Mary...'

Anonymous said...

I cam hoem fromhospital today Micki (nothing big, just painful!!) to find another picture of my Darling Mary. What can I say but Thank You, how uplifting was that.

And John - it's lovely to be back. It's a little site that feels like "back amongst friends".

Best Regards, Lynneda

josef_63 said...

Thank you for posting this BEAUTIFUL holy card of Our Lady of Lourdes! The message of Lourdes is just as timely now as it was then. Perhaps more now! Our Lady of Lourdes and Ste. Bernadetter pray for us!! John K.

Prayerflowers said...

Dearest Micki,
Love this picture is beautiful, I missed coming here yesterday...but I am glad I stopped by this evening. Thank you for the quote by the Pope, good reflection. I look forward to following up on the link tomorrow about Mary' words.

Micki said...

Zetor - Oh yes, "full of grace..."

Lynneda - Oh sweetie, I will pray for your total recovery and FAST. It's so nice to have you back here again. Be well.

John K - Always appreciate your added prayerful words. Thank you.

Prayerflowers - I'm running late in leaving my thanks to all you dear people. I'm praying for you dear friend. Are your "flowers" growing yet?