Thursday, February 5, 2009

*Feast of St. Agatha........February 5

Endowed with great beauty.
Resisting the solicitations of the governor her breasts were
torn by his order but healed by St. Peter, who appeared to her in her prison.
Her body was then rolled on pieces of broken poetery and on burning coals. She prayed after they returned her to her cell and then expired.
After death the virginal veil which covered her tomb held up the torrents of burning lava rushing down from Etna threatening to ruin the town.
"Invoke St. Agatha to preserve our homes from fire and to extinguish through the spirit of penitience, the impure flames that consume our bodies and our souls."

Taken from St. Andrew Daily Missal


Meldelen said...

Another expected holycard! Saint Agatha is my favourite female martyr.

Mentem sanctam, spontaneam, honorem Deo et patriae liberationem.

Here in Spain there's a great tradition and veneration of this Saint. Women honor her as her patroness and demand her to prevent them from breast cancer and another female diseases.

I think she was such a heroic and inspiring woman and must be honored and remembered. Specially nowadays, when a lot of women of all the world suffer of breast cancer.

Anyway, Micki, thanks for sharing this one with us!

zetor said...

I'm ashamed to say I knew nothing about St. Agatha, so thankyou for posting this.

Micki said...

Meldelen - I agree with you and pray that the women in American also come to St. Agatha for help and protection against and through life with breast cancer.

Zetor - Thank you and I'm delighted that you got to "meet" her.

Kelly said...

I have this exact same card. St. Agatha is a great saint.

Do you have any cards of St. Catherine of Alexandria? Just curious, she's my patron saint and it's hard to find ANYTHING of her. I only have two cards. Please comment back on my blog if you do, I'd really like to see them.