Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trust in Him, Wednesday of the First Week of Lent

Even in Obedience Jesus trusted
in HIM and HE was comforted.
Trust the past to divine mercy,
the present to divine love
the future to divine providence

St. Augustine


Easter A. said...

What joy it is to read this! :-)

I had to read and re-read the words by St. Augustine, just one of the ways I meditate. By doing this, I am amazed at how God can reveal to us a layering of words after words that solidify his message of LOVE.

Anyone here maintaining a journal?

Anonymous said...

Micki --
Thankyou for the beautiful holy card today and that quote is just --well, Easter, you said it better than I ever could!
What a beautiful holy family we have in each other that visit this site each day! No coincidence either as He has all in His loving Providence!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet word.
Father for the sake of your son's most sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on those of the whole world.

Maryellen said...

Yes, indeed it is a great joy to read this :-)

Thanks to Easter's comment, I went back to read it again, and was amazed at how much more meaning was there than I noticed on the first read through.
I intend to adopt easter's way of meditating on the beautiful quotations you post with the holy cards. I posted this one on Grandma's Musings.

Thanks Micki and Easter.

Easter A. said...

Micki, your holy cards are so appropiate for the Lenten Season...check out my new posting on Mostly Prayers with your holy card. Thank you, Micki!!! :-)

Easter A. said...
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Easter A. said...

I have to leave another message (thank you, Micki):

Hugs to d.s., Mary Ellen and Micki; God is hugging me through you! :-) God bless you abundantly!

Micki said...

To all posters of this day's card and inspirational message.
What would I do without you all. I so appreciate the time you spend in visiting and leaving a word to let me know you have been here. I wish I could pour you all a cup of tea or coffee or whatever would wet your whistle. You are all like old frinds sitting around the table. I just love that vision. Thank you all.