Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jesus, Child, Cross, Thursday of the Second Week of Lent

"The Cross is my sure salvation.
The Cross I always worship.
The Cross of our Lord is with me.
The Cross is my refuge."

St. Thomas Aquinas


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Micki, for this beautiful portrayal of Jesus and our willingness to carry the Cross. It is especially during Lent that we really think about our role as
"cross-bearers with Christ". Pope Benedict said something about Lent being a time of retreat...I really like that perspective very much.


Ed said...

Thank You Micki,
Fr. John Randall a wise and holy priest always tells us that the only way to get to Jesus is by way of his Holy Cross.

Anonymous said...

Again, a beautiful portrayal of Jesus' tender compassion towards a child, thank you Micki. Oh yes, He might ask her to be willing to carry the cross, but even in this lovely, lovely card we can see He stands ready to help her with its weight.
My Best Regards, Lynneda

He gently calls us said...

What a beautiful card and how comforting to know that Jesus is always ready to help us carry our crosses.

Thanks again for the effort you put into making this wonderful website.

Micki said...

d.s. - I love the idea of being a "cross-bearer"...its the fear of that cross though.

ed - I love when you quote your good friend Fr. Randall.

Lynneda - Yes, it is comforting to know that He is ready to help...we just have to remember that.

Kay - Thank you....and you are also special to put forth such beautiful cards and effort on your blog too.

Easter A. said...

What a cute picture of a child and Jesus! It reminds me of my little one who still comes to me (Thank you, God! :-) ) asking me questions, wanting answers...

I wonder if the child is asking Jesus, "What is this Cross? What does it mean to carry one?"

Thank you Micki! I loved reading everyone's comments! :-)