Friday, February 15, 2008

Jesus I Adore Thee, Friday of the First Week of Lent

I adore thee Lord Jesus
dying on the cross
for the salvation of mankind.
I adore thee and love thee
dying for my salvation.

Abbe Perreyve


Anonymous said...

Looking at Jesus, the innocent Lamb, one of my favorite sayings of St. Therese came to mind--
"When you are angry with someone, the way to find peace is to pray for that person and ask God to reward him or her for making you suffer."
That is a tough one but He was a silent Lamb for us and so can't we make the tiniest efforts to imitate Him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, d.s., for this reflection. I needed it today.

Micki said...

d.s. - Love your suggestion about making a tiny effort. Sounds easy but sometimes we need even His help to do that.

Easter A. said...

Wow d.s. that is a good one! I will be making this a good part of my Lenten journey. Thank you!

Thank you, Micki! :-)