Friday, February 22, 2008

Feast of The Chair of St.Peter, Friday of the Second Week of Lent

"The cathedral (chair) is the throne established where the bishop resides, hence the name cathedral, given to the church where his seat is placed. Metaphorically, it represents the episcopal authority itself. "The Chair of St. Peter" means, therefore, a memory of St. Peter's episcopate, and his primacy as head of the whole Church."

From St. Andrew Daily Missal

It is from the chair that the pope teaches, guides, and shepherds the flock of Christ. Let us pray for the Church and especially for our pope, that God may protect him and give him the strength, courage, and wisdom he needs to guide.


Ebeth said...


Could you help me find a holy card to post on the "pillars" for my father-in-law? He passed away last night


Anonymous said...


I like the way the artists have employed the symbols of St. Peter. I had a hard time figuring out what one of them was: the little boat and oar, associated with "fishers of men."

Even more than the symbols, however, I like the depiction of St. Pierre with the flock of Christ, of whom he is the vicar. I'm not sure if I've ever seen St. Peter with the sheep he was told to feed.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the beautiful holy card of St. Peter, Micki! John, I also noticed particularly the sheep at St. Peter's feet and was very touched by that part of the holy card. Right now we are the sheep at the feet of Pope Benedict XI, St. Peter's successor, and let us pray heartily for him through St. Peter's intercession.
He walks among many wolves and we must pray for him to have courage, strength and fortitude in these most trying times that we are living in.


Anonymous said...

Two such different art styles, Micki, and both lovely! And may our Pope be Blessed and Protected: these days, his task is all the harder and more complex for so many different reasons.
Best Regards, Lynneda

Jessica said...

Your Holy Cards are so beautiful, I could stare at them all day. How long have you been collecting them and where do you find them? I would like to get some for myself someday but I wouldn't even know where to look! Thank you for sharing your collection.

Micki said...

Ebeth - Prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

John - Once again, you see with open eyes, I thought it was a bowl of some sort (feed my sheep :-) )
Yes, "fishers of men."

d.s. - I loved your pointing out the necessity to pray for our "beloved German Shepherd."

Lynneda - Absolutely

Jessica - Thank you for your kind words. I've been collecting for a very very long time. Right now most holy cards are available at
Religious Stores and the old ones on Ebay. It is a wonderful hobby.

Easter A. said...

"Let us pray for the Church and especially for our pope, that God may protect him and give him the strength, courage, and wisdom he needs to guide."


Thank you Micki! :-)