Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walk With God........... November 4

"I would rather walk with God in the dark
than go alone in the light."

Mary Gardner Brainard


Anonymous said...


Anonymous SNFLR of Ca.

Micki said...

Anonymous - Because He is "The Light of the World"....again, Amen.

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to a picture of the great Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Belllarmine. Have you checked out my homily website at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posting of this beautiful card and text. The cards depicting Jesus with Children from all over the world are among my favorites. Hope you are doing well Micki. I don't always leave a comment, but find inspiration each day that I stop by to visit. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. John K.

Micki said...

Fr. Larry - Thank you for stopping by. Sorry but I don't always do the "saint of the day." I added you to my "Links" and I hope others check out your homilies.

John K - Telling me that you find inspiration when you stop by most certainly puts a smile on my face. Praise God for the saints and their quotes and the artists and their talents. I hope you are in good/better physical shape...I'm still praying for you.