Friday, November 13, 2009

In Love With Blessed Mary...........November 13

"Someone truly in love with Mary
finds time to turn to her as often as possible,
to stay as long as possible at her feet.
We would entrust our troubles and worries,
and our whole life to her."

St. Maximilian Kolbe


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thought to get me through this Friday, Micki.

God bless everyone here and have a restful weekend!


Anonymous said...

This holy card is just BEAUTIFUL/EXQUISITE!! I love the quote by Maximillian Kolbe about our Mother. Thanks for sharing with us daily~you are very inspiring for me~JMJ~Lisa S.

Anonymous said...

A hug fron Our Mother! Thanks Micki, a lovely old image, sweet and pretty.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card and quote! Thankyou, Micki!

Diane S.

Micki said...

Stephanie - Thank you for your message..blessings back to you also.

Lisa S. - I'm filled with joy knowing you are inspired...I'm praying others are also. Thank you.

diddleymaz - Ohhhhh, thank you for the "hug from Mary" heart is full.

Diane S. - Your welcome dear friend.

Anonymous said...


Beneath the picture are the French words, "Sainte Vierge." Literally, this means, "the Holy Virgin," which is how native francophones (such as Alice von Hildebrand) often refer to Our Lady in English (instead of saying, "the Blessed Virgin").


Danica J/v Vuuren said...

Amen! Mary, You are my Beloved - the love and beat of my poor heart. To be in love with You is the greatest gift and grace I could ever desire. You are my Everything.

Micki said...

Dani - What a beautiful prayer. I'm sure Mary is smiling and treasuring those words. Thank you for sharing.

Danica J/v Vuuren said...

May She be with you always, Micki. Ave Maria blessings to you. Thank you for your kind words. <3